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You must provide a completed purchase invoice, warranty documents and other related materials.

As the international price of gold “roller coaster” type of change, many investors choose to buy gold at a lower price to buy the dips, as investment. And when you need to buy gold is not able to timely and replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry effective realization? Visited a number of gold shop, the bank found that cash gold is not easy to remove the depreciation charges, formalities, returns to investors have not a small discount.

Save for a few years is difficult to sell gold jewelry

All along, the marriage preparation “three gold” is the habit of many families now buy gold jewelry and investment has become, the family accumulated a lot of pieces of gold, as gold prices rise looks money, can practice but far not the case.

Ms. Sun from marriage to now, there have been more than a dozen pieces of imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry gold jewelry, some gold bars, gold coins, child birthday, travel time, but also continue to buy gold jewelry. From the beginning of 2005, his first purchase of gold jewelry, then the price of less than 200 yuan a gram, to the beginning of this year the high price of 400 yuan per gram, Ms. Sun feel picked the right way to make money. During Ms. Sun to buy gold prices have been rising.

Like Ms. Sun, as well as some gold jewelry she had got, according to the original purchase amount, the total number of grams of about 50 grams. “I bought it the most expensive 300 yuan, now three hundred sixty yuan, was one gram a minimum net profit of $ 60, there are also more than 3,000 yuan in revenue.” Ms. Zhou wondering.

The recent price fluctuations, Ms. Sun let those who are in the habit of buying gold replica Van Cleef and Arpels necklace people a little sit still, some purchased again at a lower price, while others are at slightly higher prices ready to hand.

“I think the experts say, the price of gold will not necessarily change how little rise, I can act.” Mr. Liu holds some gold products, and most investors who do not like, because anxious to use the money, intends to hand inventory fully realized. Consult several gold shop and the bank after being told “do not recall”, “demolition of the seal can not be” “Up TM” “to charge fees and depreciation”, so that his intention cash off the air.

No no invoice counter

If you want to cash in the hands of gold products, how to do? Some gold shop, the replica Van Cleef jewelry bank said, to be subject to certain depreciation costs, fees, and some gold shop banks to recover only their own brand products.

Visited some shopping malls gold shop counters, cash gold understand the problem. Staff a mall counters that a certain brand of gold, whether it is investment in gold bullion or gold jewelry, they only recycle their own brand of this product. When recycling, you must provide a completed purchase invoice, warranty documents and other related materials.

In a large gold jewelry stores, gold jewelry and asked recycling issues, staff said the business did not temporarily, only to trade. Some state-owned banks to issue recovery investment in gold bullion, gold coins, that can be realized, but taking into account the difficult issues such as identification, issued by the Bank recovered only gold products. When recovered, the bank staff said the product must require intact, not open sealed plastic appearance.

Trade-in price recovery and depreciation, different shop, and bank counters vary. A gold shop staff said, gold jewelry trade procedures to depreciation, according to the price of gold every day is replica Hermes jewelry different, there are different variations probably ranging from ten dollars to tens of dollars. A shop staff said, only to the price of recycling old material gold product recycling old material prices compared to the gold price is much lower, because the need recycled, testing, processing and other costs. According to different gold content, there are different price recovery.

Prices recovered a state-owned bank, the price of gold for the day of between 93-96%. Prices recovered another state-owned banks, in accordance minus 20 yuan per gram price criteria.

“TM” to deduct depreciation charges and fees

Since gold cash difficulties, many people think the way to deal with trade-hand gold products. Among these, the majority of gold jewelry. And each trade jindian often played by the festival’s signature event, can not in the end cost-effective in terms of it?

The survey found that none of the gold shop seemingly trade policy, in fact, many of the potential fees, make new ones itself to catch a lot of money. Gold shop in the industry, according to trade most of grams of depreciation charges ranging from jewelry and new fees, and the weight of the new jewelry should be higher than the original jewelry. A gold shop in the brand, according to the calculation method of the staff, a 100 gram gold necklace, you first need to trade in accordance with the principles of the store, multiplied by the coefficient 9.1 fold, it became the principal weight of 91 grams.