some analysts believe that even find a reason to explain why you want to sell gold

The past of the gold interest from retail investors is mainly gold jewelry, and nearly ten years gold backed exchange traded fund (ETF), let small assets investors also have the ability to invest in physical gold.
Financial Corp Sam private wealth investment replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry department director Sivarajan Manulife said:
“The gold ETF gold market is aggravating, the consequences are good and bad.”
“But the very key point is that the gold ETF to buy gold to become more democratic.”
Similar metal ETF products, as there are silver ETF and platinum replica Van Cleef clover necklace ETF, they are in a profound change in commodity markets.
However, in all of the precious metals ETF, in December 2007 in the New York Stock Exchange high growth board market (Arca NYSE) plate listed transaction Gold Shares ETF SPDR (GLD) the largest.
Sivarajan estimates GLD as the world’s largest physical gold ETF, the proportion of the entire gold ETF market is about 70-80%.
Last year was the gold ETF gold fell for the first time since the advent of the year. 2013 crash highlights the fact that retail investors have a huge impact on the price of gold. 2013 these retail investors and hedge funds, a total of 881 Van Cleef replica necklace tons of gold sold to the market.
ETF gold eliminates most of the gold logistics costs, including transaction costs, gold bullion storage and insurance costs.
During March 1st to 10, the New York Stock Exchange high growth board market a range of GLD gold volatility between 127.60-130 U.S. dollars, equivalent to 1/10 ounces of gold value. Where storage and transaction costs accounted for 0.4% of the price.
Given the complex interactions between investors and gold, it is difficult to say Van Cleef replica earrings last year, ETF gold fund to sell the price of gold plummeted caused, or the reverse relationship.
If the value of storage and hedging portfolio from the perspective of risk, some analysts believe that even find a reason to explain why you want to sell gold.
Last year China surpassed India to become the world’s largest consumer of physical gold, Sivarajan believes that if the demand is still, while ETF selling stop, the price of gold may rise rapidly.
He said:
“If China and other parts of the demand is still close to record levels, and ETF suddenly stopped replica vca selling, the gold market will be extremely short.”
Retail gold investors have so far not led to a serious decline in supply, but they are likely to continue to buy gold through the ETF. At the same time fund managers are increasingly dependent on the risk of ETF dispersion portfolio to meet the needs of customers.

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