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COMEX February gold futures intraday rebound in Asian trading hours at $ 1227.80 / ounce | Cartier Love Bracelet,Designer Inspired Jewelry,Cheap Imitation Jewelry

COMEX February gold futures intraday rebound in Asian trading hours at $ 1227.80 / ounce

2013 international price of gold in gold main contract offer New York Mercantile Exchange calculation fallen 28% since 2000, the first annual decline, ending a 12-year gold bull market, gold is the biggest annual decline since 1981.

2014, the first trading day, the New York price of gold compared replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry with the previous day’s closing price rose 1.29%, to usher in a “good start.” Nevertheless, some analysts have pointed out that the short term, gold is still face greater downward pressure on gold may still double-digit decline in the future. Gold investors or to go through a “nightmare year.”

“Grab gold tide” reproduction

New Year’s first trading day after the holiday, reporter with the crowd poured replica Van Cleef and Arpels necklace into the “China first gold” – Beijing a hundred dishes mall. Despite the noon, but in the entire mall is still a sea of people, noise constantly.

“From now before the holiday, so every day,” said a sales staff, two days before the holiday falling gold prices, gold hit berserk within a hundred dishes mall. Bullion prices rebounded slightly today, many consumers simply ask the price Van Cleef replica earrings and left, shot people buy significantly reduced. This is mainly due to domestic and international gold prices rebounded after the holiday the first trading day, investor sentiment increased.

Analysts said the first trading day after the holiday COMEX February gold futures intraday rebound in Asian trading hours at $ 1227.80 / ounce, the domestic gold futures contract price was AU1406 rebounded to 244.90 yuan / gram to close at 244.45 yuan / g, It rose 1.66%. Reasons for its rise is that the domestic gold consumption growth support. New Year’s Day to the Spring Festival is China’s gold consumption season of the year. As the world’s largest consumer of gold, gold consumption growth in China, greatly reducing the downward pressure on the international price Hermes jewelry konckoffs of gold.

Compared with the gold bullion sales area, sales of gold jewelry district on fire. 3 consecutive days “fighting” the very fact admitted in a hundred dishes, three days, they have invested more than ten million to buy gold jewelry. “Count promotions, Pingjunmeijian thousands of gold jewelry price of less than $ 300, need to quickly shot.”

The same idea holds gold consumers once again set off a “gold rush” tide. In the hundred dishes Seller opinion, despite the recent sharp decline of international and domestic gold, again to stimulate domestic consumer desire for gold, but replica Van Cleef clover necklace gold consumption has been significantly lower than the heat in April last year and June of buying enthusiasm. “End of the year is the domestic gold consumption season, major shopping malls to attract customers, have launched a variety of promotions, split a lot of buyers, to some extent affected the company’s gold sales.” The salesman said.

Some analysts suggested that the end of the boom in Asian countries will buy gold price Hermes jewelry imitations of gold some support is expected after the season, February and March may be more opportunities for bargain-hunting, now may be appropriate to wait and see.

Short-term price of gold is not optimistic

Gold prices experienced a tumultuous 2013 after the trend is still expected that the new year will not improve over the next 12 months, gold could still double-digit declines. UBS Wealth Management head of non-traditional assets that, for investors who still hold gold in 2014, a further undergo a “nightmare year.” In 2014 the price of gold will fall to $ 1,050 / ounce, lower than the current price of about 13%.

Coincidentally. Guotai Junan Futures believes that by 2014, the US economy is expected to remain strong recovery, the Fed completely withdraw before the end of 2014, QE is a high probability event, the US and European markets are expected to continue to grow, India’s gold consumption clunker and other supporting role for the international gold limited. If a major geopolitical event does not occur, the gold consumption and investment demand will remain under pressure, the international price of gold will continue to oscillate fell in 2014, the lowest price of gold during the year may be dropping $ 1000-1045 / ounce, difficult recovery highs above $ 1450 /ounce.

Changing the unilateral movements, senses the Beijing gold and silver Wal slightly Investment Management Co. analyst Chen Ruxi short-term gold price judgments. He believes that by 2014 the gold price trend may return to reason, return the cost of mining and oscillatory movements, unilateral movements will be difficult to reproduce.

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