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Chinese people very early on emerald soft spot, then for investment and multicolored jade | Cartier Love Bracelet,Designer Inspired Jewelry,Cheap Imitation Jewelry

Chinese people very early on emerald soft spot, then for investment and multicolored jade

In addition, precious stones and high durability, small size, easy to carry, as long as the identification of the book, you can Mingjian genuine, more suitable for investment. Unlike a class of antique calligraphy and painting works of art, difficult to distinguish true and false, especially the paintings would be afraid of insect bites, moisture, etc., can only be invested in accordance with the budget.

Jewelry as a scarce resource, value-added space is still very large, and now its prices are rising, because of the scarcity of raw materials and finished products. In recent years, due to the production of jade, stone diamond resources gradually reduced, high-quality jewelry finished products less and less, thus causing prices to rise. Currently, the production of ordinary emerald rough prices have reached replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry ten thousand dollars, while two or three years as long as 3,000 yuan, high-grade jade prices will be higher.

When it comes time to invest, Tang Huimin believes this to be set by the financial environment. In Taiwan, as long as there are some small signs of trouble, such as equities fell, sales of jewelry will be greatly reduced. In the Mainland is different, even if the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replicas stock or the construction industry in a downturn, but the money has not been reduced.

Multicolored investment with stress

Chinese people very early on emerald soft spot, then for investment and multicolored jade, in fact, is a territorial. In Beijing and Shanghai, for example, China has tens of millions of people collect jade, they pay more attention to the history contained inside story, so Beijing, what kind of heritage is more popular. And Shanghai is different, due to economic development, most people are more westernized fashion something more sensitive, so there are more people like multicolored. Mainland and Taiwan, there are some differences. In Taiwan, we are more willing to invest funds, stocks, real estate, investment jewelry rarely see someone, they tend to be used when the multicolored art collection, with clothes or the like. In mainland contrary, the more investors want to make money by multicolored. But if you want to invest, or should find himself in familiar territory, and more to learn insider advice to find the right point in time, do not blindly follow the trend.

Professor Tang brand value for collection of jewelry also made explanation. Designer jewelry collection has some value, but because it prices are generally 5-10 times that of ordinary jewelry, and possible future value on only some or limited edition jewelry worn by celebrities. The rich prefer to buy new jewelry, because the style will be more innovative, and new jewelry texture than the old one will be better, so overall, designer jewelry will be added, but the increase is not high, because of its own brand value is expensive.

According to different grades of precious stones, it has the value of the investment is also different. Gems are affordable and premium points, middle and low gem is finished, invest in such gems, talking about the number. Are generally sold into wholesale or packages into boxes, large profits will be higher. The high-end gem is different, these investment gemstones are pieces of computing, tens of thousands of pieces a little cheaper, more expensive hundreds of thousands or even millions of sales, nearly a 5 percent profit. Red, sapphire, for example, profit doubled ruby, sapphire, there are wholesale replica Hermes jewelry twice as high. As to what kind of investment should be specific, this will depend on your own or have the ability to invest like what file. However, the middle and low Ye Hao, high-end matter whether it’s investment prospects are considerable.

Professor Tang said that currently on the market are the hottest investment tourmaline, five or six years ago, it is cheap, but now it hot. Chinese people since ancient times, Feng Shui fortune or misfortune, and tourmaline is precisely the “evil spirits” homonym, so replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry by the majority of investors love. In ancient Hongdingshangren is wearing red tourmaline. Ruby Tourmaline most like ruby color, the most popular. Second, higher prices are color watermelon tourmaline or tourmaline. Again, that is a green tourmaline.

In addition to tourmaline, ruby and sapphire, emeralds and other precious stones also belong to precious gems, the price is high. In tanzanite, for example, it is produced in Tanzania, mostly dark blue color purple or lilac blue. Tanzanite in blue with replica Van Cleef and Arpels necklace purple color most expensive (like most Sri Lanka sapphire), in recent years by Tiff any respected, very popular in the market. The main reason is the origin of rare, big future gains space, even with sapphire comparable. If as an investment, the proposed purchase of 20 kt or more, if worn, most people Hermes kelly bracelet replica would choose gemstones around 10 kt. I believe after five years and 30 carat tanzanite will be very hard to find, so the friends want to invest as early as possible.

In addition, Chavelet, golden beryl, Alexander stone, coral, opal, spodumene, grapes and stone in the next 10 years, we will have a good performance.

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