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2015 annual inventory of China’s gold industry’s top ten news | Cartier Love Bracelet,Designer Inspired Jewelry,Cheap Imitation Jewelry

2015 annual inventory of China’s gold industry’s top ten news

Development of the industry and the country forward direction of the same strain. Faced with the gold industry “new normal”, the industry should take the same open and tolerant attitude into the global, in backward areas to learn advanced experience with global standards, become deepen reform, restructuring and development of the source of vitality and power support,Van cleef & Arpels replica Jewelry and Cartier Jewelry Replica

In the advanced field will have to actively “go out” to lead the development of the global gold industry.
China is open to the general trend of the gold industry. Whether from gold consumption, gold or gold production and retail processing areas, China have deserved to be a “leader.” Chinese gold market is deepening international level, Chinese gold mining “going out” the pace is accelerating, becoming “along the way” strategic landing leading industry. World gold industry needs China, and China’s gold industry is also inseparable from the world.

New Year, Cartier Love Bracelet Replicas China Gold Association and the China Gold newspaper jointly named a “2015 Top Ten Chinese Gold Industry News”, Cartier Juste un Clou Pendant Necklace to review the gold industry is not an extraordinary one.

(In chronological order)
First, the “gold and gold products import and export management approach” release, import and export of gold prices gold “thaw”
Second, the 2015 Chinese gold jewelry industry key enterprises are mainly responsible Held in Beijing, actively implement the “Internet +” National Strategy
Third, China National Gold Corporation and Russia’s Polyus Gold Resources signed a cooperation framework agreement
Fourth, the 2015 Gold Key Enterprise Group of scientific development forum held in Fujian, recommend gold as “along the way” leading industry construction
V. Silk Gold Fund was established, it plans to raise 100 billion yuan
Sixth, Zijin Mining and the two international mining giant “handshake” – will jointly develop world-class large copper, gold
Seven, the largest single gold mine Whispering Zhaojin Mining – Ministry of Land and the record amount of more than 470 tons of gold resources, the average gold grade of 4.3 g / t
Eight, China’s commercial banks allowed to participate in the London gold price benchmark – the international gold price issue “China voices”
Nine, “Golden Shanghai and Hong Kong on” officially opened – the Mainland and Hong Kong gold market will be open to two-way
Ten, our central bank gold to increase reserves, the world ranking rose to fifth place

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